YouthMetre is a European Commission funded Forward Looking project, that develops an e-tool to empower youth to engage with and have an impact on shaping EU youth strategy and its implementation at local, regional and national levels.

YouthMetre addresses Priority 7 “Using e-participation as an instrument to foster young people’s empowerment and active participation in democratic life”.

Through multiplier training activities YouthMetre directly provides youngsters with necessary skills and knowledge to to improve and/or transform the effective implementation of policies and practices for youth by challenging policy makers. and addressing issues raised in the 2015 EU Youth Report.


The YouthMetre project empowers young people, encouraging them to become engaged and actively participate in EU Youth policy matters.

YouthMetre connects young people and their needs to public sector policy makers. It relates to the impact of the initiatives and actions being undertaken there to meet the needs of youngsters.

A benchmarking process leads to the establishment of a data dashboard and visualization of EU Policy achievements using innovative but now mainstream technologies, called the YouthMetre.

The YouthMetre allows the outcomes of public authorities actions to be measured and compared.

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