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STEAME Academy Project

The STEAME Teacher Academy Project is funded under the Erasmus Plus Teacher Academy  sector of the European Education Area. These Teacher Academies are intended tocreate European partnerships and promote cooperation between teacher education institutions and training providers.STEAME logo

The objective of these Academies is to offer support for teachers at the beginning of their career and strengthen their professional development. They encourage multilingualism, language awareness, cultural diversity, and deep transnational cooperation between teacher training institutions. steame image

The STEAME Project addresses multidisciplinary and mutliscience approaches to project based learning activities. STEAME relates to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Entrepreneurship education, becoming a complex multi-disciplinary  approach to examine complex issues through project based learning activities of school students. This is considered the kinetic energy for producing the creators and innovators of the future.

The catalyst in making this a reality will be the subject teachers, both in service and the future student teachers through their initial training at the university level. This project will develop a model through a STEAME Teacher Facilitators Academies networked through a European Federation of such Academies at the local level, which will support the change to the future schools with main actors the teacher facilitators as the future professionals and experts of learning change and facilitators of competence and skills development in youth.

The STEAME Teacher Facilitators Academies will support the training of service teachers and the training of student teachers. At certain stage the service teachers will serve as mentors of the student teachers throughout a European mobility based system. This will create a networking between school education and university education and possibly industry, working together as co-creators for the sustainable development between teacher education providers with impact on the quality of education in Europe. This will support the continuous professional development of future teachers and lay the ground for the future schools of STEAME project based learning environments for students.

The main innovations to be delivered by this project are:
1. STEAME Teacher Facilitators Competence Framework for student and serving teachers
2. STEAME Teacher Facilitators Learning Modules/Workshops
3. International Sharing Observatory for STEAME Learning Facilitators
4. Development of the STEAME Facilitators Community of Practice/Mentoring and Certification Programme
5. Policy Recommendations – European Federation of STEAME Teacher Facilitators Academies

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