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MYGEO Project

The MYGEO Project is a higher education Erasmus Plus activity that seeks to use Geo tools for Modernisation and Youth employment. MYGEO aims aims at fostering the employability of students in higher education through promoting the acquisition of key skills related to the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) tools.

The partner organisations have undertaken research to identify GIS-related key skills required by the job market. Then partners have developed a MOOC for university teachers to enable them to modernise their courses by using GIS for teaching purposes.

A “GIS PORTFOLIO MY GEO” for students has been created including a list of key skills and GIS tools widely used by private companies in different sectors linked to GIS training courses for students.

Project Aims

1) Increase the employability of students, by supporting the development of a highly skilled, qualified and mobile workforce, also thanks to transnational placement;

2) Support the development of a joint qualification at the EU level;

3) Promote work-based learning, supported by a mobility component.

Multiplier events

MYGEO partners will hold a series of multiplier events to disseminate the project during May 2021 – Find out mores

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