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Infra4NextGen Project

Infra4NextGen can help provide social science data for evidence-based policy making and empower more informed citizen engagement

nextgen eu logoEUROGEO is a partner in a €9.75m Horizon Europe project called Infra4NextGen, funded by the European Commission. The project plans to create a social science research infrastructures to inform the NextGenerationEU recovery plan and European Union youth policy.

NextGenerationEU is an initiative to create a resilient post-pandemic recovery plan so that the EU can emerge stronger, transforming the economies and societies, and design a Europe that works for everyone.

Infra4NextGen is a 4-year project that will start in March 2024. It addresses 5 areas:
Make it green
Make it  digital
Make it healthy
Make it strong
Make it equal

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In each of the five areas, partners will initially produce an inventory of relevant items already fielded on cross-national surveys, including Eurobarometer, European Quality of Life Survey, the European Social Survey (ESS), GGP, the EVS, and the International Social Survey Programme (ISSP).

Existing data from these surveys will then by analysed and summarised to produce a series of policy-relevant tabulations and visualisations with commentary presented in a dedicated online portal.

This initial analysis will be supplemented with new data collected on each topic later in the project via the online CRONOS web panel fielded over five waves in 11 countries (Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Finland, France, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal, Slovenia, Sweden and the United Kingdom).project summary image

New data on each NextGenEU theme will be collected and made rapidly available through the established CROss-National Online Survey (CRONOS) Panel.

An educational tool (E-NextGen) allowing data to be used in classrooms and by the general public will be implemented by European Association of Geographers EUROGEO; and Tilburg University representing the European Values Study.

The tool will include interactive maps, infographics, blog posts, short research notes and the ability for users to position themselves on the five themes.partner logos

Comprehensive training materials related to all project outputs and NextGenerationEU areas will be generated. This will include online training, a series of 17 webinars, nine workshops, and a short video series with demonstrations, tutorials/guides and research discussions.

There are 30 partners in the Infra4NextGen project. Professor Rory Fitzgerald, Director of ESS ERIC is the Coordinator of Infra4NextGen.

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