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GI-Pedagogy is a project aimed specifically at supporting teachers and educators in teach with GIS in their classrooms. .

The project has two aims:

  • first, to review existing pedagogies relating to GIS and to develop effective and innovative new approaches; and
  • second, to embed those approaches through a combination of teacher training and resource provision.

The focus of the project is on giving teachers the training they need to fully incorporate web-based mapping software into the geography curriculum. The GI-Pedagogy project will produce a toolkit of resources for teachers, available for free on the project website. Once a toolkit for teaching with GIS is developed, this resource will be shared and disseminated via in-person training events and online.

Project Outputs

IO1: Report – An Innovative Pedagogical Model for Teaching with GIS
This output consists of a review, analysis and evaluation of existing, prevailing teaching practices that incorporate GIS in schools and an exploration of evidence related to alternative, innovative, pedagogical approaches to teaching with GIS. Download the report

IO2: A resource toolkit for teachers

IO3: A freely accessible MOOC with open access training resources

IO4: A digital exhibition curating the experiences of participants and partner teachers

Project Presentation GI Pedagogy Project

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