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The European Association of Geographers publishes its open access, online journal – the European Journal of Geography. A number of articles published in the journal concern GeoDem activities – Geography, Democracy. Citizenship in a digital age.

Volume 13.3

Exploring spatial patterns of environmental noise and perceived sound source dominance in urban areas. Case study: the city of Athens, Greece download
Towards a methodology for the assessment of culture-derived spatial economic development: The case of visual artists in the United States download
Exploring the active and network centralities in Metropolitan Athens: The organic vs. the planned form download
Formal Comparison of Spatial Socioeconomic Units Based on their Typological Properties download
Exploring Urban Fear of Crime using Unsupervised Classification – The Case of Athens download

Volume 13.2

Evaluation of suitability areas for ecotourism using multi-criteria analysis. The case of central Serbian viticultural region download
Investigating Greek kindergartners’ spatial abilities. Are they the best they can be? download
Investigating the Impact and Effectiveness of an ICT-based Teaching Scenario on Secondary School Students’ Geospatial and Statistical Literacy: A Case Study from Greece download
Local Perception on Effect of Land Degradation in the Blue Nile River Headwaters download
A new approach towards SME’s consideration download

Volume 13.1

Creating European citizens through citizenship, geography, and history education: a temporal and regional analysis of the Spanish curriculum download
The Presence of Sustainability in Hungarian Geography Textbooks download
The construction of Chineseness in the Chinatowns of the Hague and Amsterdam download
Building a spatial decision support system for tourism and infrastructure planning: technical solution and data integration challenges download

Volume 12.4

’I learned a lot about my classmates …’. Exploring focus group discussions as learning environment to raise controversial issues in geography and economic education. download
The role of TCI and TCCI indexes in regional tourism planning download

Volume 12.3

Spatial Causalities in Geographies of Scientific Knowledge download
Mapping summer SUHI and its impact on the environment using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques: A case study on Municipality of Prishtina (Kosovo) download
Lifelong training program on QGIS tools for earth observation sciences in south-east Europe download
‘I Would Say I Am Austrian but …’ – Multiple Spatial Belongings and Hybrid Identities among Young People in Vienna, Austria download
Attitudes Towards Refugees & Immigrants in Greece: a national-local comparative analysis download

Volume 12.2

Capacity of Zlatitsa Municipality (Western Bulgaria) to provide ecosystem services – download
Informal cadastres as enabling tools for disaster risk management – download
Trends in regional development in Slovenia in the light of the goals of sustainable development – download
The expansion of the Brazilian Federal Universities Network as a vehicle for urban and regional sustainable development – download

Volume 12.1

Divergence of coastal cities in the Baltic region by knowledge production capabilities – download
Time-lapse graphical representation methods for mapping of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams (IRES) – download
Perceived safety and fear of crime: A web-based GIS platform – download
Visiting Index: Supporting decision-making on Open Urban Spaces – download

Volume 11.4

Mental maps and representations of the city centre of Thessaloniki: Inhabitants’ perceptions and stereotypes of the urban landscape and daily mobility – download
Perceived and lived space in the modern city. A case study for Akadimia Platonos neighborhood, Athens, Greece – download
Analysis of population dynamics of the regional unit of Chania using remote sensing and census data – download
Associating walkability features with pedestrian activity in a central Athens neighborhood – download

Volume 11.3

New visions for sustainability during a pandemic – Towards sustainable wellbeing in a changing planet  – download
The European Challenge – how to integrate European Competences in Geography in higher education – download
Opportunities for the development of cross-border tourism in South East Europe Case Study: Kosovo-Albania border – download
An Axiological Approach to Mental Maps : Croatian high school students views of Europe – download
Role of Eventfulness in social-economic development of neighbourhoods (Case Study Shiraz, Iran) – download
The impact of cumulative adversity on depression among older adults: a cross-national perspective – download

Volume 11.2

Hidden geographies of population implosion in Bosnia and Herzegovina – download
Hidden geographies of social justice in an urban environment: the particularities of naturally-occurring arts districts – download
Gamification in hidden education—teaching migration-related topics through the didactic board game “crossing borders” – download
Hidden Geographies of Social Justice in an Urban Environment: the particularities of naturally-occuring arts districts – download

Volume 11.1

Unthought and unrepresentable? The European territorial paradox – download
Does neighborhood walkability affect ethnic diversity in Berlin? – download
Spatial and temporal aspects of high streamflow periods within the Danube drainage basin in Bulgaria – download
Municipal changes in Slovakia. The evidence from spatial data. – download
Socio-economic evaluations of nature protected areas: health first effect – download

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