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journal cover imageThe European Association of Geographers publishes its open access, online journal – the European Journal of Geography. A number of articles published in the journal concern GeoDem activities – Geography, Democracy. Citizenship in a digital age.

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Volume 14.3

Autonomous technologies for daily personal mobilities – download
Designing Online Workshops for Teacher Trainees: Heritage Mapping with Web GIS Story Maps – download
What are the competences & difficulties of school students in writing material-based & multi-perspective argumentations in geography classrooms? – download
Understanding Dynamics of Land Use & Land Cover Change Using GIS & Change Detection Techniques in Tartous, Syria – download
Gaming & Geography (Education): A Model of Reflexive Analysis of Space & Action in Video Games – download

Volume 14.2

Reconsidering the basics of mountain trail categorisation: case study in Slovenia –  download
‘We Will Protect Our Countryside without a Green Deal’ : The Populist Radical Right and the Environment in Czechia and Slovakia – download
Global Change Challenge in the Higher Education Curriculum on the approach of Blended Learning – download
Web GIS to Learn Geopolitics in Secondary Education: A case study from Spain-  download

Volume 14.1

Spatial features of trade in goods between Ukrainian regions and France – download
Quantifying displacement: Using turnover data to measure physical and psychological neighborhood change – download
Comparing student mobility pattern models – download
A Making of a border island: The example of Lesvos – download

Volume 13.5

Using “Spontaneous Geography” to reason about environmental problems – download
Tourism Innovation in the Adriatic-Ionian Region: Questioning the Understanding of Innovation – download
Small but smart: international shared virtual class link-up during the pandemic 2020-2021 – third-level students in Ireland and Israel – download
Experiences, characteristics, and features of developing new towns between 1898 and 1970 – download
Literary Geography: Applying Geocriticism in “The Mermaid Madonna” by Stratis Myrivilis – download
Development of a Geodemographic System for Attica, Greece –  download

Volume 13.4

Planting a seed: Sustainable education for students with Additional Support Needs – download
How individual scores affect the final expert-based assessments of ecosystem services: Range and mean scores analysis of natural heritage supply maps – download
Spatial patterns of excess mortality in the first year of the COVID19 pandemic in Germany – download
Spatial parameters for the development of floating wind farms in Greece – download
On the transformation of regional food systems: From autochthonous to those generated by globalization – download

Volume 13.3

Investigating the Impact and Effectiveness of an ICT-based Teaching Scenario on Secondary School Students’ Geospatial and Statistical Literacy: : A Case Study from Greece – download
Evaluation of suitability areas for ecotourism using multi-criteria analysis: The case of central Serbian viticultural region – download
Rainfall-related impacts on a terraced landscape: Sóller valley (Mallorca, Spain) December 2016-January 2017 –  download
Investigating Greek kindergartners’ spatial abilities.: Are they the best they can be? – download

Volume 13.2

Exploring spatial patterns of environmental noise and perceived sound source dominance in urban areas. Case study: the city of Athens, Greece – download
Formal Comparison of Spatial Socioeconomic Units Based on their Typological Properties – download
Town Centricity Model – Delimiting the center of Athens, Greece – download
Exploring the active and network centralities in Metropolitan Athens: The organic vs. the planned form – download
Towards a methodology for the assessment of culture-derived spatial economic development: The case of visual artists in the United States – download
Assessing the coastal vs hinterland divide by use of multitemporal data: Case study in Corinthia, Greece – download
Spatiotemporal patterns of commercial activities in Exarchia-Neapoli area download
Exploring Urban Fear of Crime using Unsupervised Classification – The Case of Athens – download

Volume 13.1

Creating European citizens through citizenship, geography, and history education: a temporal and regional analysis of the Spanish curriculum – download
The Presence of Sustainability in Hungarian Geography Textbooks – download
The construction of Chineseness in the Chinatowns of the Hague and Amsterdam – download
Building a spatial decision support system for tourism and infrastructure planning: technical solution and data integration challenges – download

Volume 12.4

’I learned a lot about my classmates …’. Exploring focus group discussions as learning environment to raise controversial issues in geography and economic education – download
The role of TCI and TCCI indexes in regional tourism planning – download

Volume 12.3

‘I Would Say I Am Austrian but …’ – Multiple Spatial Belongings and Hybrid Identities among Young People in Vienna, Austria – download
Spatial Causalities in Geographies of Scientific Knowledge – download
Mapping summer SUHI and its impact on the environment using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques: A case study on Municipality of Prishtina (Kosovo) – download
Axiological contexts of geographical cognition – download
Lifelong training program on QGIS tools for earth observation sciences in south-east Europe – download
Attitudes Towards Refugees & Immigrants in Greece: a national-local comparative analysis – download

Volume 12.2

Capacity of Zlatitsa Municipality (Western Bulgaria) to provide ecosystem services – download
Informal cadastres as enabling tools for disaster risk management – download
Trends in regional development in Slovenia in the light of the goals of sustainable development – download
The expansion of the Brazilian Federal Universities Network as a vehicle for urban and regional sustainable development – download

Volume 12.1

Divergence of coastal cities in the Baltic region by knowledge production capabilities – download
Time-lapse graphical representation methods for mapping of Intermittent Rivers and Ephemeral Streams (IRES) – download
Perceived safety and fear of crime: A web-based GIS platform – download
Visiting Index: Supporting decision-making on Open Urban Spaces – download

Volume 11.4

Mental maps and representations of the city centre of Thessaloniki: Inhabitants’ perceptions and stereotypes of the urban landscape and daily mobility – download
Perceived and lived space in the modern city. A case study for Akadimia Platonos neighborhood, Athens, Greece – download
Spatial point pattern analysis of urban retail stores: the case of twelve large- and medium-sized Greek cities – download
Analysis of population dynamics of the regional unit of Chania using remote sensing and census data – download
Associating walkability features with pedestrian activity in a central Athens neighborhood – download

Volume 11.3

New visions for sustainability during a pandemic – Towards sustainable wellbeing in a changing planet  – download
Opportunities for the development of cross-border tourism in South East Europe Case Study: Kosovo-Albania border – download
An Axiological Approach to Mental Maps : Croatian high school students views of Europe – download
The European Challenge – how to integrate European Competences in Geography in higher education – download

Volume 11.2

Hidden geographies of population implosion in Bosnia and Herzegovina – download
Hidden geographies of social justice in an urban environment: the particularities of naturally-occurring arts districts – download
Gamification in hidden education—teaching migration-related topics through the didactic board game “crossing borders” – download
The situation of geography teachers on the labour market in Poland: Overt and covert issues – download
A study of children’s environmental awareness and discovery of hidden geographies based on the award-winning maps from the Asahikawa environmental map contest – download
Hidden aspects of pre-service geography teacher education in Slovenia. Vision versus reality – download

Volume 11.1

Unthought and unrepresentable? The European territorial paradox – download
Does neighborhood walkability affect ethnic diversity in Berlin? – download
Spatial and temporal aspects of high streamflow periods within the Danube drainage basin in Bulgaria – download
Municipal changes in Slovakia. The evidence from spatial data. – download
Socio-economic evaluations of nature protected areas: health first effect – download

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