Benchmark Statement

A Benchmark for Teaching Europe in Geography

jean monnet graphic As part of the Jean Monnet GeoDem Award, the European Association of Geographers has created a benchmark statement and recommendation for Teaching Europe.

The purpose was to establish an agreed position on fundamental teaching and learning that ought to be included in school and university studies, that will be presented to the European Commission DG Education and Culture as well as to National and Regional Ministries of Education .

Benchmark Statement and Recommendations
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The statement addresses the importance of Geography education in teaching Europe. It identifies key topics and themes as well as learning/teaching approaches and learning outcomes that should be integrated in educational policy.


The activities of the Jean Monnet GeoDem Project included the organisation of a series of workshops in 2022 and 2023 with university and school teachers and education experts in order to discuss the key elements of teaching Europe in Geography classes.

conference photoThe ideas and themes generated from these meetings were then consolidated, revised and structured and shared. Then, through a process of peer review and further consultation a Draft Teaching Europe in Geography Benchmark statement was produced which was then discussed at a members workshop held during the EUROGEO Krakow Annual Meeting and Conference in May 2023.



EUROGEO has been involved in the production of a number of other Benchmark statements advising teachers, educators and policy makers about the role and importance of Geography, spatial thinking and GIS.

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