GEODEM is a Jean Monnet project for associations representative of the academic community in European Union studies at regional, national or supranational level.jean monnet graphic

GEODEM has been concerned with developing, sharing and promoting Geography, democracy, European citizenship and the digital age (GeoDem) in Europe, through the activities of the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO).

Association activities concern research, promotion, benchmarking, lobbying, publishing and supporting the professional development of Geography educators, young researchers and geo-professionals in Europe.


GeoDem connects Geography, democracy, European citizenship and the digital age. Geographic information plays an increasingly important role in enabling participative democracy, empowering citizens to contribute to decision making about European challenges and issues at European scale.  Georeferencing and location-based services are an increasingly significant part of information flow, leading to huge growth in the geospatial employment sector. Well trained geographers offer geospatial skills in diverse areas such as hazard management, environment and sustainability, local and regional development, land use planning, cultural heritage, retailing, tourism, security and utilities (energy, water etc.). As a result, geographers are much sought after in the European workplace.

EUROGEO activities bring together researchers, academics, NGOs and professionals to examine complex interconnected issues like sustainable development, climate change and migration. It provides professionals with inspiration, support, guidance, networking and training for employability and development. The EUROGEO annual conference offers a meaningful focus for research-active academics.

In all levels of education, from school education to higher education-, studies of Geography can contribute significantly integrating the European dimension through understanding the world around us, enabling active citizenship, participative democracy, sustainability and environmental awareness. EUROGEO activities focus on making access to geographical education (and related research) real and relevant to 21st century Europeans.

EUROGEO supports European academics, teachers and trainers through its meetings and regular events. The association publishes information, books, reports, guidance and resources dealing directly with the professional development of many thousands of teachers and trainers. It promotes innovation in geographical education and training across all sectors of education, formal education but also adult education and lifelong learning.


GeoDem integrates Geography, democracy and European citizenship in the digital age through the association’s activities linking closely with new EC agenda 2019-2024. The focus of GeoDem activities are on its annual meeting of members, the EUROGEO conference(s), other events, quality research and publications and widening access to the results / outcomes of innovative projects related to European issues.

The topics addressed relate to important European geopolitical issues such as climate change, cultural heritage, migration and the environment but also in improving the quality of education in Europe, employability and Digicomp 2.1. Association events and publications allow the worlds of business, management, politics and education to interface with one another, integrated in a European context. EUROGEO thus presents geographical perspectives in Europe and the impacts they have on European society.


GeoDem envisaged seven deliverables, a book publication; journal articles; association newsletters; an online gallery of resources; an agreed Benchmark statement and recommendation, Web developments and the Spatial Citizenship Research Platform. The outcomes will be to increase awareness of the teaching and research of European issues in schools and in higher education and provide access to resources and guidance on European issues. A research platform will connect those involved in Spatial Citizenship and related research.

GeoDem also showcases the international activities of EUROGEO, its work with international government and non-government organisations. Find out more 

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