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EVALUE: Atlas of European Values / TCI: Teaching Controversial Issues

EVALUE (European Values in Education) is a completed Erasmus+ project (2020-23) that created interactive web tools and teaching materials for teachers and students in secondary education that matched curriculum needs on contemporary topics related to values, like migration, democracy, solidarity, and tolerance. evalue logo

Furthermore, an open access publication, theĀ Atlas of European Values (in English only) can be downloaded, which gives a broad view of the results of the European Values Study (EVS).

Using data from the European Values Study, interactive maps can be created displaying how Europeans think about a wide range of topics. These values can be conmpared across countries, time and between different groups in society.

Teachers can create and use an online digital classroom to display students values. These can be compared with the values of country populations or different groups in society.

Teaching materials were developed to use the data of the European Values Study in the class. Studies show that teachers struggle to include controversial issues in class and that citizenship and values education is often neglected in schools. These materials help teachers to work on these issues in class.

More concrete, the project aims at increasing people’s understanding of different individual perspectives about controversial issues and fostering European Citizenship and Participation.

A follow up project, TCI (Teaching Controversial Issues) aims to build on the tools developed by the EVALUE-project.

It focusses on the exploration of teaching strategies that help addressing controversial topics in the classroom. The aim is to detect challenges teachers face when applying these strategies in challenging classroom situations and to examine their effects on values communication and clarification

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