DALDIS Project

DALDIS is an Erasmus Plus project for schools concerned with Digital Assessment for Learning informed by Data to motivate and Incentivise Students.

DALDIS will evaluate and test innovative features of digital assessment for learning in several European contexts, thereby facilitating cross-European perspectives and insights on Assessment for Learning.

The Assessment for Learning technique designed for the DALDIS project has seven differentiating features:
1. The use of feedback and nudges to help the student learn.
2. Gamification and incentives to encourage the student.
3. Data analytics providing insights on effective questioning and student progression.
4. The potential for further personalisation of learning is created through the analysis of student data and the provision of alternate question sets for different groups of students.
5. Education publisher collaboration helps the teacher introduce the technology to the classroom as a companion to popular textbooks.
6. Easy and low-cost implementation with simple question scripting processes and cloud based web and phone apps supporting all devices.
7. Premium business models for long-term economic sustainability

 Principal outputs

These will include:
1. Pilot results and evaluation reports
2. Curriculum aligned question sets in five languages
3. Technology upgrades to support needs of schools in participating countries
4. Software UI translated to five languages
5. A data analysis report outlining findings on effectiveness of methods
6. Training materials and online user help in five languages
7. A website with pilot and evaluation results, reports and the training and online user help

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