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CRISEPAC: Climate Change and Natural Hazards in Europe: Pedagogy for Active Adaptation

The CRISEPAC project is an Erasmus project led by Ecocène, a French environmental non-profit organisation. This project brings together EUROGEO, Casa do professor (Portugal), Athens Lifelong Learning Institute (Greece) and Latvia Vidzeme Gulbene (Latvia).

The CRISEPAC project aims to:CRISPACX logo

– create a training and support campaign for educational actors to train educators about natural risks (objective 1),
– create innovative educational tools combining thematic transversalities to train children on natural risks (objective 2) and
– make the local issues of climate change understood and strengthen the role of the population in risk prevention through teaching and adult education to young people (objective 3).

The CRISEPAC project plans to carry out three main complementary actions (3 WPs) to achieve these objectives:
WP 1: Acculturation and training in natural hazards for teachers (information platform, online MOOC, etc.).
WP 2: Creation of educational tools for teaching and raising awareness on the subject of risk and experimentation with tools for young people
WP 3: Exchange of experiences and networking of experts and educational stakeholders to disseminate good practices to young people.

The project thus seeks to develop innovative pedagogies to reinforce prevention, management and territorial resilience in relation to risks without alarming the populations concerned.

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