EUROGEO is involved in and has initiated a number of highly innovative projects. These activities help achieve the mission of the association, to support its members and promote the importance of geography to society. Click on the logos to find out more.
Geography, Democracy Citizenship in a digital age - a Jean Monnet project
A learning path for university students and their professors on monitoring Natura 2000 landscape using Geotechnology
The project aims at empowering teachers and school leaders to establish a digital education transformation in time of crisis.
Developing Rural Tourism Businesses through circular economy and social innovation
Storytelling and Fundraising for Cultural Heritage professionals
Examining the social value of literature and creating a biographical map library of European authors
A project to integrate open data, digital skills & democratic engagement in schools
Implement service learning in schools TO GET digital cultural HERitage enhanced
Enhancing Equity, Agency, and Transparency in Assessment Practices in Higher Education
Digital Assessment for Learning informed by Data to motivate and incentivise students
Gamification to promote sustainable urban mobility principles among pupils and their use of bicycles
A project to develop an atlas of European Values for schools
Integrating the use of GIS and spatial learning through innovative pedagogies in school
empowering university teachers of humanities by enhanced ICT skills
Help SMEs transform to greener operations, improve financial literacy and enhance environmental awareness.
Digi-Path addresses integration issues of Third-Country Nationals (TCNs) in European countries
Cultural Interpretation as a Non-Formal and Informal Learning Method in Adult Education
Smart Entrepreneurial Education & Training in Digital Farming
Geo tools for Modernization and Youth employment
GeoCapabilities for social justice
Digital tools for employment
Developing a learning line on GIScience in education
Training for teachers about the use of story mapping in reducing early school leaving
Empower youth to have an impact on EU youth policy
Young people using Story Maps to tell their stories
L-Cloud: Developing Tomorrow’s Cloud Education Leaders
Our Ocean Our Health
Sustainable transport and english language learning
Teachers as curriculum leaders.
SoC is an ICT network aiming to explore new dynamic ways to educate.
Spatial Citizenship is about ‘learning how to navigate this world'
Readymade tables and introductions to statistical databases
The aim of this two-year project is to enable European countries to exchange best practices and innovation with each other
Digital Earth is a concept of an interactive digital replica of the entire planet
Network, collaboration and development for geographers
The world of Geography at your fingertips
HERODOT was a Thematic Network for Geography in Higher Education with more than 220 members from around the world.