EUROGEO members are individuals and organisations who are interested in geography or work in related professions. They are active in the public, private, and academic sectors. They work in a wide range of careers, as state and local government employees, planners, cartographers, scientists, non-profit workers, entrepreneurs, business people, graduate students, retirees, university administrators, teachers and trainers, and so on.

You can join EUROGEO as an individual member or as a corporate organization.

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    Only full individual members of EUROGEO are able to stand for election to the Presidium and to vote for members of this group. Members receive regular e-newsletters and conference updates. They pay reduced fees for conferences and other events and can contribute to the lively development of this association.

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    Why become a member of EUROGEO?

    • Because you are a geographer or work in a related area
    • To ensure that Geography is represented in Europe and that lobbying for the subject takes place
    • To have the opportunity for networking with other members
    • To keep up-to-date with the latest information, activities and research
    • To help kick-start your career

    Help us promote and protect Geography by joining EUROGEO.