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Stories about Europe from 2014

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A manifesto for entrepreneurship and innovation to power growth in the EU
Study shows 35% of EU jobs depend on intellectual property rights
EU study predicts clean energy, climate failure by 2050
Draft pollution law seeks to tackle lethal European air
EU citizens force water debate onto agenda
EU geo-clusters to play a key role in fostering innovation for energy efficient buildings
EU regions encouraged to offer SMEs ICT vouchers to go digital
Greek Presidency to focus on integrated European migration policy
Latvia heralds 'big opportunity' as it joins eurozone

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A thousand European cities back 2030 energy efficiency target
Cyprus reunification talks resume
Denmark signals fight for tougher 2030 climate and clean energy goals
EU to expand educational links with Latin America
European parliament votes for stronger climate targets
Policy Brief: EU climate and energy policy: hope for more and better climate policy integration?
Shaping the digital environment – ensuring our rights on the Internet
Spain becomes first country to rely on wind as main energy source
Why are the site of the Olympics is not in the Alps?

Ten arguments against the Olympics in the Alps

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EU pledges further work on climate ‘resilience’
European Environment Agency releases ‘quiet areas’ guide
Montenegro's future place in Europe
Ten years in the EU: Snapshots from Central Europe
Ukrainians must beware of what joining Europe could actually mean

French territorial reform: bigger regions, greater EU influence
Maltese EU passport sale a controversy
Map of Europe's voting patterns
Poll: Over 85% of East Europeans back robust 2030 climate goals
The tourist resort abandoned in 1974. Hope for a real ghost town in Cyprus? Symbol of peace or another wall?

Population projections PRB World Population Data Sheet: Europe's population, now 740m, will be 732m by 2050
Bulgaria ravaged by deadly floods!
EU lawmakers back rights of indigenous groups to biodiversity
Euro Zone Entered Recession as Immigration to Germany Rises
Serbia starts EU membership talks
Water and agriculture in Europe


EU can't afford to step down as climate leader: Think-tank says
Europe's bicycle boom is a $268 billion business. Will the US take notice?
Europe's coastal regions are increasingly vital for its economy
38 Maps that explain Europe
EU expert groups dominated by corporate interest, say NGOs and trade unions
Europe's protection of minorities
Faster & accurate flood warnings through EU research
Green paper on Citizen Science for Europe: Towards a society of empowered citizens & enhanced research
Heritage train links Kosovo communities
If we need a ‘New Environmentalism’, what could it be?
In Focus: European Parliament elections 2014
Interactive map: Urban Atlas for Europe
Italy: end of ongoing sea rescue mission puts thousands at risk
Parliament calls on EU to 'enforce environmental law more rigorously'


Broken Letters: A Typogeography of Europe
European citizens initiative
Refugees in Cyprus under pressure
Denmark signals fight for tougher 2030 climate and clean energy goals
EU Environment and human health. Published by the EEA and the Joint Research Centre
EU to cut carbon emissions by 40% by 2030
Mediterranean migrants test our humanity
The Environmental Union

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