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"Digital Earth in school education"


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FREE training course for teachers 24 February-March 1st 2013.


The Comenius Network Project announces a free teacher training course on "Digital Earth in school education"


This course has been validated and is published in the Comenius - Grundtvig Training Database with the reference number "AT-2013-346-001".


Draft course programme


The course will take place in Salzburg, Austria.


For more information about the course, please go to the Comenius Training database and at the reference number field, please use: "AT-2013-346-001" or search for Courses provided by "Salzburg" as the organising institution.

For more information, please contact: [email protected]

Getting a grant to attend

Find out the three steps to getting your grant


Deadline for grant application to your Comenius National Agency is January 16th 2013.


Course Registration form


Details: - course title:" in school education"

Course reference number "AT-2013-346-001".



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