Ankara 2015

“Communicating Geography: serving our world” 21-22 May 2015

The 2015 EUROGEO Annual Meeting and Conference will be organised in conjunction with and hosted by the Turkish Association of Geographers (TAG), in Ankara on 21-22 May 2015. An optional field excursion to Cappadocia will take place all day on 23 May 2015.

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Call for abstracts

We invite contributors from all areas of the discipline and related subjects to submit abstracts for oral presentations, hands-on workshops and posters at our 2015 Annual meeting. The conference theme is “Communicating Geography: serving our world”, though abstracts relating to other areas will also be welcome.

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Communicating Geography

Geography is a way of thinking, observing, appreciating, connecting with and communicating the world around us. As a discipline, it gives us tools we need to navigate our world, help us make wise decisions and to relate meaningfully to people from different places and cultures.

Geographers actively construct and present different aspects of the world, increasingly communicating their geography through different geo-media. While the geographer’s focus is always spatial, many different versions of the discipline are produced.

Today there is much concern about effectively communicating our science to policy makers, or in education, to civil society or with other important stakeholder groups. If this is the case, does geography need to look at the relationships that exist between producers of knowledge, agencies that disseminate knowledge to others and stakeholders who need geography to be communicated in straightforward manner?

Geography also plays an increasingly important role in our modern entrepreneurial and technology-oriented society. The rapidly increasing pace of change in human and physical environments, it is time for us to return to David Harvey’s 1974 paper, which asks what kinds of geography and for what kind of public?

The EUROGEO 2015 conference will look to explore the kinds of geography we need and how we should communicate them with others.

Ankara Panorama
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The event is run in conjunction with the Turkish Association of Geographers (TAG) and the Geography Department at Gazi University. TAG will celebrate their third annual congress and their first international meeting.