Springer Book Series


EUROGEO is delighted to announce details of a new collaboration with Springer International  



EUROGEO, the European Association of Geographers, has Springer International logo signed a contract with SPRINGER International Publishing AG, a long time associate and collaborator of our association, for a new book series entitled KEY CHALLENGES IN GEOGRAPHY.

It is our vision to produce 3-5 books a year.

Visit the Springer Web page for further details about the series.

If you are interested in proposing a new book publication within the series, please email the Series Editor.

The latest book initiative in the series is titled OCEAN LITERACY: 21ST CENTURY CHALLENGES

We invite you to respond to the Call for chapters.

Contact the editor

The first book in the series is titled GEOSPATIAL CHALLENGES IN THE 21ST CENTURY.

We invite you to respond to the Call for chapters.

Contact the editors

For referencing / citing your chapter  – see the Manuscript guidelines