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RIGEO volume 2 issue 2 now published


New publication: Bilingual teaching - globalisation, regional Geography and English integration download here (pdf)


European Journal of Gegraphy vol 2 issue 2 now published download here


Book - Exploring human geography: bilingual approaches free download )(pdf)


The European Journal has published its first issue and is now available at:


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Recently out

* Using GeoInformation in European Geography Education, Donert K (ed), published with the IGU - members 25 euros including pp


* Thinking Europeans: New Geographies of Place, Cultures and Identities, Kenae M and Villanueva M, published with Cambridge Scholars - members 25 euros including pp


Other publications


* Geography Bilingual Teaching: Practical Issues, Charnzynski P, Donert K and Podgorski Z (eds.) (2009), Association of Polish Adult Educators with HERODOT

* Learning with GeoInformation IV, Jekel T, Koller A and Donert K (eds.) (2009), also available from Wichman Verlag

* Teaching in and for Europe, Schmeinck (Ed) (2009), also available from Mench und Buch

* Geographical Diversity, Donert K, Ari Y, Attard M, O'Reilly G and Schmeinck D (Eds.) (2009): Proc EUROGEO-HERODOT Conference, 29-31 May 2009, Ayvalik Turkey,

* Future Perspectives in Geography: Donert K, and Wall G (Eds.) (2008), Proc. HERODOT-EuROGEO Conference, Liverpool Hope University Press, UK


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