August 2017

20-25 August 2017, International Congress of Ecology (INTECOL2017Beijing), Beijing, China

24-25 August 2017, 4th International Conference on Agriculture and Forestry 2017 (ICOAF 2017), Colombo, Sri Lanka,

24-26 August, 2017, 5th Annual Congress on Climate Change, Birmingham, UK,

photo networking at the EUROGEO conference

28 August – 1 September,  CIPA2017, the 26th biennial symposium, Digital Workflows for Conservation, Ottawa, Canada,

30 August – 1 September, 2017, International Interdisciplinary Conference on Digital Cultural Heritage, Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Germany,

September 2017

7-9 September 2017, International Conference on Biodiversity, Climate Change & Environmental Sciences 2017, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India,

8-10 September 2017, 6th International Conference on Healthcare, Environment, Food and Biological Sciences (HEFBS-2017-ISTANBUL), Istanbul, Turkey,

11-15 September 2017, ‘Sea, Port, City 2017’ – call for papers, Aberdeen, Scotland,

16-17 September 2017, Sixth International Conference on Climate Change Adaptation 2016, Toronto, Canada,

16-17 September 2017, EEE2017- Third International Conference on Environment, Engineering and Energy 2017, Toronto, Canada,

conference meeting19-20 September 2017, Region-2017: Optimal Development Strategy, Karazin Kharkiv National University Ukraine, Contact

21-22 September 2017, 4th International Conference on Social Sciences (ICOSS 2017), “Social Sciences: Towards a Sustainable and Prospective Future”, Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka,

25-27 September 2017, DevLearn 2017, Las Vegas USA,

26-29 Septmber 2017,14th International Conference on Urban Health, Health Equity: The New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals, Coimbra Portugal,

30 September-October 2 2017, 23rd Jamaica Montego Bay International Multidisciplinary Academic Conference, Promoting Diversity and Having a Global Vision for Worldwide Progress,

October 2017

5-6 October 2017, 8th International Conference on Business, Law, Education and Disaster Management (BLEDS-17), Paris, France,

5-6 October 2017, 6th International Conference on Innovation in Civil, Architecture, Environment and Materials Engineering (CAEME-17), Paris, France,

6-7 October 2017, ICSS XIII, 13th International Conference on Social Sciences, Vienna, Austria,

6-8 October 2017, International Conference on Transdisciplinary Research for Sustainable Tourism Development (ICTRSTD 2017), Cluj-Napoca, Romania,

10-14 October 2017, 6th icCSBs, Annual International Conference on Cognitive – Social, and Behavioural Sciences, Porto, Portugal,

12–13 October 2017, Spaces and Flows: Eighth International Conference on Urban and ExtraUrban Studies, University of Hull, Hull, UK,

19-20 October 2017, 7th International Congress on Technology, Science and Society, Universidad Cardenal Herrera CEU in Valencia, Spain,

November 2017

1-3 November 2017, International Conference on Renewable Energy and Environment 2017 (ICREE 2017), Toronto, Canada,

6-8 November 2017, International Interdisciplinary ICT Practise Conference 2017 (IIPC2017), Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia,

8-9 November 2017, 2nd International Convention on Geosciences and Remote Sensing, Las Vegas, USA,

8-12 November 2017, Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos 2017, Funchal, Madeira Portugal,

9-10 November 2017, Sixth International Congress on Human Science, Seville, Spain,

13-14 November 2017, Sustainable Innovation Forum 2017, Bonn Germany,

21-23 November 2017, GEOMATE 2017 – Seventh International Conference on Geotechniques, Construction Materials and Environment, Tsu City, Japan,

22-24 November 2017, 6th International Renewable Energy and Environment Conference (IREEC-2017), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

23-24 November 2017, GEO|Design+BIM, Amsterdam, The Netherlands,

27-28 November 2017, 9th International Conference on Research in Chemical, Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Sciences (RCABES-2017), Parys, South Africa,

December 2017 

4-6 December 2017, 14th International Conference on Southeast Asian Natural Resources and Environmental Management 2017 (SANREM 2017), Sustainable Development towards Better Quality of Life, Sutera Harbour Resort, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia,

7-8 December 2017, Oxford Symposium on Population, Migration, and the Environment, Oxford, UK,

13-15 December 2017, International Business, Tourism, Technology Research Conference in Paris, Berlin, Germany,

17 December 2017, International Conference on Biodiversity and Conservation (ICBC 2017), Chennai, India,


January 2018

5-7 January 2018, 3rd Int’l Conference on Remote Sensing Technologies and Applications (ICRSTA 2018), Bangkok, Thailand,

5-7 February 2018, International Lidar Mapping Forum, Denver Colorado,

15-17 January 2018, LBS 2018 – 14th International Conference on Location Based Services, Zurich, Switzerland,

16-19 January 2018, Geospatial World Forum, Hyderabad India,

17-19 January 2018, Fourteenth International Conference on Environmental, Cultural, Economic & Social Sustainability, The Cairns Institute, James Cook University,

21-25 January 2018, EXTREME: Rethinking the Limits to Community, Architecture, and Urbanism
Longyearbyen, Svalbard,

March 2018

5-7 March 2018, 13th Annual Education and Development Conference, Bangkok, Thailand,

13-16 March 2018, 9th International Conference on Education, Training and Informatics: ICETI 2018, Orlando Florida, USA,

17-19 March, 2018, GISTAM 2018, 4th International Conference on Geographical Information Systems Theory, Applications and Management, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal,

18-19 March 2018, Constructing an Urban Future: The Sustainability and Resilience of Cities, Abu Dhabi University, United Arab Emirates,

26-28 March 2018, Asian Conference on Education and International Development 2018 (ACEID2018),

April 2018

April 1-3, 2018, IConEGS 2018, 2018 International Conference on Education and Global Studies, Osaka, Japan,

5-7 April 2018, Geographical Association Annual Conference: ‘Real world geography’, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield UK,

July 2018

3-6 July 2018, GI_Forum 2018, Salzburg Austria, 

24-27 July, 2018,  5th Global Conference on Economic Geography: “Dynamics in an Unequal
World”, Cologne Germany,

25-27 July 2018, Thirteenth International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, University of Granada, Granada, Spain, http://thesocialsciences/Granada2018

September 2018

26-29 September 2018, Islands, Resources, and Society: Sustainable Development under Globalization and Urbanization (Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos 2018), Zhoushan, China,

October 2018
1-5 October 2018, Indigenous Communities, Indigenous Spaces: Tradition and Change in a Globalising World, Orchid Island/Pongso no Tao, Taiwan,

25-26 October 2018, Spaces & FLows: 9th International Conference on Urban and Extraurban Studies, Marsilius Kolleg, Heidelberg University, Heidelberg, Germany,