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News From Europe

EU action to protect biodiversity against problematic invasive species
EU farm policy after 2014
EU urgently needs real energy union
European citizens to help tackle marine litter
European higher education in the world
Slovakia bitterly divided on social issues

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Climate News

After the Geneva Climate Negotiations, a Clearer Path Toward an International Agreement
Article on climate change from the Guardian
As scientists debate the cause of climate change, the planet continues to get warmer:
China to challenge the World at Paris Climate Conference
Climate talks in Geneva open to 'urgency' pleas but muted expectations
Dear Bill Gates: 'Will you lead the fight against climate change?’
Editor of @guardian kicks off most intensive newspaper examination of climate ever
Ocean depths heating steadily despite global warming 'pause'
Urged to rethink climate policy after hottest year on record
Winners and losers in the great warming!
World thunderstorm 'map' key to assessing climate change

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Hazards & Physical Stories

Brazil's flying rivers are disappearing and that means drought
California's drought
Cyclone Pam: Aid for Vanuatu
Earthquakes in Australia are a rare but real hazard
Global flood toll to triple by 2030: Flood Analyzer
Next big eruption will be a test of geoengineering
How can we cut #disaster risk in half?
Satellite science improves storm surge forecasting around the world
Supertides - the weather and coastal flood risks
Surviving the super drought:
The overall picture of natural catastrophes for 2013?
Warning that forest fires near Chernobyl might release radiation over Europe again
The last remaining stable region of the Greenland ice sheet is no longer stable
A Decade of Change in America's Arctic: Land Cover Data Released for Alaska
A geographic curiosity: Moses Lake in Washington state formed by wind-blown sand that blocked a creek.
Antarctica ,Larsen A and Larsen B are long gone & now it's Larsen C's tur
Greenland’s ice sheet has enough water to raise ocean levels by about 20 ft
Coastal landscapes. Change on the Mississippi delta over 30 years from NASA imagery
El Niño’s impact on continental evaporation
Ocean's Huge Hidden Waves Explained
Pine Island Glacier sensitive to climatic variability
Fukushima Radiation Aids Study of Ocean Currents TerraMar Project
Satellite images reveal ocean acidification from space
Slight surface movements measured by Sentinel1 radar
SMAP almost ready to map frozen soil
Sri Lanka develops cheap device to forecast rainfall
Urban climate getting more heat, less wind
Pew Research Shows Exceptional Slowdown In Major Atlantic Ocean Currents

Environment News

A 1,000 Megawatt Solar Project In China Marks 'Significant Shift' For Global Energy Market
As Obama opened the Atlantic to oil drilling, he closed a bit of the Arctic. How much difference does it make?
Balkan dam boom threatens Europe's last wild waterways
Can we feed our population and maintain the integrity of ecosystems?
Dutch design firm: American cities are not among most sustainable.
German highway traffic exceeds EU air pollution threshold
Germany 10 Huge Solar Power Lessons
ICSU, ISSC release “Review of Targets for the SDGs: Science Perspective“ (@ICSUnews)
Mapping Photosynthesis from space
Our Plastic Ocean
Phytobenthos in rivers in Europe: ecological status
Ground-level #ozone: past & projected #concentrations in Europe and other regions.
Saving the Rainforest…with Big Data Analytics:
Singapore has a plan to make sure it doesn't run out of water
Sustainable Development Goals Could Be a Game-Changer for Water

Human & Economic Stories

4 Maps Crucial to Understanding Europe's Population Shift
A new study shows satellite imagery can help monitor health and safety of Amazon tribes.
Cameroon: Chronic food insecurity in northern parts of the country due to recurrent climatic shocks
Can a global map help secure land rights for rural peoples?
China cloning on 'industrial scale', another agrirevolution or something else?
China's urban sprawl raises key question: can it feed its people?
Creating a Vision for Sustainable Arctic Communities
Des morts par milliers aux portes de l’Europe | Carnet cartographique
EU's lack of action on migration crisis 'a confession of failure'
Europe's key demographic shifts, in maps
Five Architecture And Urban Planning Trends
Hints of Colonial Pollution Hidden in Andean IceCap
How an ageing population will change the world
How Mobile Phones Define Cities
How the global population is ageing as well as growing
Iceland's vanishing glaciers threaten island nation's identity
In many countries, strong growth in the working-age population has contributed to rapid economic growth
Income Inequality: “Who, What, Why: What is the Gini coefficient?”
Is Your Neighborhood Changing? It Might Be Youthification, Not Gentrification
Overcoming China’s institutional barriers to sustainable urban transport
Population growth is one of the main drivers of environmental & land-use change
City and Country Branding - How Cities Compete in the 21st Century
Five of the smartest - @mashable claims these are top European smart cities. Do you agree?
Severe weather attributed to human impact
The ghost Tesco supermarket stores
The two Detroits: a city both collapsing and gentrifying at the same time
Town centres need to be saved:
We have BRICS, now MINT. Geography does matter!
Where do most people live?

Other Geo-News

8 countries that have moved their capitals
Assertions on crowdsourced geographic information & citizen science
Delivering pizza, making films ... now safety fears grow over drone use...
Does student fieldwork make an impact?
Five recommendations for maximising the relevance of social science research for policy-making in the big data era
Four thoughts on the future of GIS in 2015 and beyond Global connectivity Index
Group on Earth Observations: Supporting broad, open, data-sharing, globally.
How to visualize knowledge domains & scientific production?
K-12 Schools Across the US Launch Powerful Projects Using ArcGIS Mapping Platform
Geography on the world stage with societal trends
Earth science is not hard science


Abrupt Impacts of Climate Change: Anticipating Surprises
Cartography publication | Hyperspectral remote sensing and analysis of intertidal zones
European Climate Adaptation Newsletter
Nadia Amoroso post on geodesign concepts
Some 2014 Participatory GIS publications freely available at
Tourism Geography Today

Grants, Fellowships

Selected H2020 and Erasmus+ Calls

H2020 Blue Growth: Unlocking the potential of seas and oceans, Deadline 11 June 2015
H2020 Call for making Science Education and Careers attractive for young people, Deadline 16 September 2015

Other H2020 Calls

Open Calls

The Ove Arup Foundation invites applications for its smaller project grants. These support projects that are consistent with the education purposes of the foundation in the built environment. Previously funded projects include events, training programmes, workshops and institutional development initiatives. Funding is not available for individuals.

Global exploration fund for northern Europe research grants, National Geographic Society, US This supports hypothesis-based scientific research and is awarded based on potential for new advances in field sciences. The average award is 20,000 euros.

European Space Agency invites applications from European university students for sponsorship to attend a range of conferences

Sustainability project grants Grants are available in four different areas of focus; environment, empowerment, education and sustainable design. Programs or organizations applying for funding must serve communities where Alcoa has operating plants or offices. The minimum grant request is $15,000.

Call for proposals Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus +, submission on various dates depending on Action EDA: Earth observation and fuel dependencies - call for proposals

Europe for Citizens There are a range of different actions in this funding stream. Visit the following website for more information, including deadlines and dates:


CyberGIS Fellows program:

Grants for networking initiatives Irish Marine Institute These support short inward or outward visits aimed at fostering research collaboration and technology transfer, such as H2020 pre-application meetings or attendance at marine-related conferences and training courses overseas. Grants are worth up to 750 euros.

Grants for workshops and conferences Irish Marine Institute, IE These provide support for the organisation of national and international marine conferences and workshops in Ireland. Grants are worth up to 1,500 euros.

Teaching Resources

10 Global Transportation Maps - Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
30+ Resources to Get Students Involved in Environmental Action:
A collection of fieldwork related links to support geographers
Adventures in mapping. 12 TED talks of cartographic goodness:
DAMOCRACY The Movie (English)
Digital Cartography: Examples of storytelling with interactive maps
Earthquake simulations in southern California
Earthquakes, tectonics resources
Embed a presentation in your website with ArcGIS Online
Fear of Maps
Largest Dam in The World: China 3 gorges
Mission:Explore Water
Real life stories about the effects of poverty & climate change in Democratic Republic Congo
Starbucks from bean to cup - story map
Teaching resources GCSE: Coastal Landscapes
Teaching the polar vortex
The World in 2015: Global population and the changing shape of world demography
UNESCO’s Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger
USGS Pop Quiz on Natural Hazards
Video: What is 'biodiversity', and why do we need it?:
What's new with ArcGIS Online

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