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News From Europe

BBC News - Europe's ethical dilemma over migrants
Germany, UK have most polluting coal plants study says
Mediterranean 'pivotal to the future of Europe'
New tool for EU experts – EurActory: Why am I not in there?
The EU and its Neighbours: Predictions for 2015

climate graphic

Climate News

2014 was the UK’s hottest year on record, confirms the Met Office
2 deg C target: Most fossil fuels are 'unburnable'. And no drilling in Arctic
Arctic sea ice is (still) in long-term decline, scientists (still) say
Climate Change predicted to worsen spread of Cholera
Connie Hedegaard: credibility of UN climate process hangs on Paris and COP21
Europe’s climate continues to change
First-of-its-kind map to aid policymakers on climate change
Forests, climate and landscapes: COP20 Lima 2014
New, privatized African city heralds climate apartheid
Oceans are warming unexpectedly rapidly - indicating massive extra accumulation of solar energy.
The Guardian view on Paris 2015: the world’s last best chance to reach carbon agreement
Vegetation distribution in northern regions predicted to shift
What will your TV weather forecast look like in the year 2050? In one word? Dramatic:

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Hazards & Physical Stories

“LA River's flood role is 'paramount'"
Brazil's most populous region facing worst drought in 80 years
Climate change is far from the only cause of a rapid rise disaster
Earthquakes still threaten Istanbul
Global Seizmographic Network
High resolution satellite imagery helps response to fires
How mapping can improve risk understanding from natural catastrophes
Interactive map: every ebola outbreak since the first known case in 1976
Map showing deadliest weather hazards by geographic area
Time series of photos and events (1887-2014) leading up to the Oso landslide
Almost 7,000 UK properties to be sacrificed to rising seas
Antarctica without it's ice caps.
Arctic Sea Ice Loss Not a Major Factor in Weather Extremes in the Lower Latitudes
Can technology help manage sediment flow?
Composition of Earth's mantle revisited
Earth's tectonic plates have doubled their speed - New Scientist:
FAQ - Is there a difference between the age of a glacier and the age of its ice?
Glaciers in Tibet have declined by 15% in past 30 years
Japan's new island still growing
Most of Alaska's Permafrost Could Melt This Century
New USGS Online Tool Tracks Shoreline Shifts
New website on glaciers - policy, science, etc - from @ColumbiaScience
Ocean weather monitoring failure hampers scientists tracking El Niño patterns
Projected change in the volume of mountain glaciers & ice caps in European glaciated regions:
Rethinking how rivers erode
Scientists explain 2014 earthquake patterns in New Zealand
Sukkertoppen ice cap in southwest Greenland in 1935. Retaken in 2013:
The Ocean and Temperature
Tropical rainfall patterns varied through time
UK Met Office Charts Life On A Managed Planet
Water on Earth

Environment News

“Dead zones” in Lake Erie becoming a problem for water ecosystems
Agriculture and food production contribute up to 29 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions
Almost all Europeans living in cities exposed to pollutant levels deemed unsafe by WHO:
Biodiversity helps protect nature against human impacts
BioSpace: Monitoring Canada's Biodiversity from space
Can city mayors lead the way on sustainable development?
Can nature parks save biodiversity?
Can Nutrient Trading Shrink the Gulf of Mexico's Dead Zone?
Conservation is too conservative in the UK
Conservation scientists 'unanimous' in expectations of serious loss of biological diversity
Coral reef growth in sediment-laden waters
Deforestation increasing in Indonesia, study shows
Do dams destroy rivers?
Drought Monitoring Platform Delivered via the Cloud
Energy Conservation Through Peer Pressure
Europe's forests are particularly vulnerable to climate change say researchers
European protected areas
Give forests to local people to preserve them
NASA finds good news on forests and carbon dioxide
New study shows tropical forests have large appetite for carbon dioxide
On the Environment: Pollution Around the World: A Matter of Choice
Research suggests global warming linked to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide
Researchers link air pollution to heart diseases
Satellite technology used to pinpoint illegal burning in Indonesia
Shell announces £55m payout for Nigeria oil spills | The Guardian
The Tragic Deforestation of the Chaco
Urban sustainability trends to watch
While You Were Getting Worked Up Over Oil Prices, This Just Happened to Solar Energy
Why are all the fish disappearing from Africa's largest lake?

Human & Economic Stories

41 cities in world have 10 million people, mostly in China; 2050 66% world’s population will live in cities
As floods threaten, Tanzania aims to build a megacity that works
Carless Cities
Challenges of East Africa’s oil and gas boom
Community mapping innovations could have far reaching implications for forest governance in the Congo Basin
Compare city data with the upgraded Urban Observatory
Denmark sets world record in wind energy
European Electricity Exports and Imports: Circle graphs
George Monbiot on children and cities - why can't we shape the places that shape our lives?
Heat the biggest factor in migration, study suggests
Heathrow westwards expansion dilemma
Helping cities plan the future with data
Housing group GreenSquare cuts costs with GIS tool
How to Fingerprint a City | Big Think
Maybe before the Industrial Revolution: "How the Global Population Boom Really Began"
Millennials will reshape US housing market, study finds
New data tool tracks emerging conflict trends in Africa
Participatory mapping citizen science in @Mapping4Change
People-Oriented Cities: Mixed-Use Development Creates Social and Economic Benefits
Planners should not be just paper pushers and processors!
Putin's Way: How Putin Forged a Pipeline Deal That Derailed
Rwanda gets 1st Utility Scale, 8.5 MW Solar Project in East Africa:
Satellite imaging provides innovative solutions to measuring urban growth
Smarter parking to promote smart growth
Speedy population growth
The Arctic is now a frozen conflict
The London problem: 7 things from Danny Dorling's essay
Urban oasis offers hope to Haiti's poorest. Transforming a garbage dump into a vibrant urban garden
Why dedicating land to bioenergy won't curb climate change
Why trams are a waste of money @TheEconomist
"Who is a Citizen? The Question Dividing The Island Of Hispaniola"
Why Homes Won’t Have Windows in the Future

Other Geo-News

Augmented Reality and the Digital Map Revolution - GIS Lounge
2015 is International Year of Maps
Economic Value of Geospatial Data
GIS and Geographers' careers compared with common career paths and jobs
Give mapping drones a chance
Maps don't always reflect the world, but they can change it - The Independent
Quality and currency of information attraction for geography teachers, Australian Teacher Magazine
What the spatial industry can learn from the gaming industry


A new platform to support research at the interface of remote sensing ecology and conservation
Desertification: The Invisible Frontline for conflict
E-book How GIS Technology Has Become The Newest Crime-Fighting Tool
Future Internet Geography Geo-Wiki in the Classroom: Using Crowdsourcing to Enhance Geographical Teaching
Inaugural Issue of the International Journal of Geospatial and Environmental Research
Report from @UNICEF: The Challenges of Climate Change: Children on the front line
Spatial Orientation and the Brain: The Effects of Map Reading and Navigation
Sustainable Mountain Development in Africa: Atlas and Report
Virtual special issue on Political Geographies of Childhood and Youth

Grants, Fellowships

Selected H2020 and Erasmus+ Calls

H2020 Reflective Societies: Cultural Heritage and European Identities, deadline 28 May 2015
H2020 The Young Generation in an Innovative, Inclusive and Sustainable Europe, deadline 28 May 2015
H2020 Blue Growth: Unlocking the potential of seas and oceans, Deadline 11 June 2015
H2020 Call for making Science Education and Careers attractive for young people, Deadline 16 September 2015

Other H2020 Calls

Open Calls

The Ove Arup Foundation invites applications for its smaller project grants. These support projects that are consistent with the education purposes of the foundation in the built environment. Previously funded projects include events, training programmes, workshops and institutional development initiatives. Funding is not available for individuals.

Global exploration fund for northern Europe research grants, National Geographic Society, US This supports hypothesis-based scientific research and is awarded based on potential for new advances in field sciences. The average award is 20,000 euros.

European Space Agency invites applications from European university students for sponsorship to attend a range of conferences

Sustainability project grants Grants are available in four different areas of focus; environment, empowerment, education and sustainable design. Programs or organizations applying for funding must serve communities where Alcoa has operating plants or offices. The minimum grant request is $15,000.

Call for proposals Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus +, submission on various dates depending on Action EDA: Earth observation and fuel dependencies - call for proposals

Europe for Citizens There are a range of different actions in this funding stream. Visit the following website for more information, including deadlines and dates:


CyberGIS Fellows program:

Grants for networking initiatives Irish Marine Institute These support short inward or outward visits aimed at fostering research collaboration and technology transfer, such as H2020 pre-application meetings or attendance at marine-related conferences and training courses overseas. Grants are worth up to 750 euros.

Grants for workshops and conferences Irish Marine Institute, IE These provide support for the organisation of national and international marine conferences and workshops in Ireland. Grants are worth up to 1,500 euros.

Teaching Resources

Antarctica beneath the ice
Blog for geography resource needs
Crowdsourced Maps With Wikia Maps
Gaugemap live UK river data
GeoAcademy: free GIS learning resources
Google's 'Smarty Pins' Tests Your Geography Trivia Knowledge
How much have we polluted? CO2 emissions over time and space.
How to Tell Stories with maps
Introducing Geography!
Join the journey! An epic semester long virtual field trip w/ GEOshow
Learn ArcGIS site
Lesson The language of maps - vocabulary that kids should know
Magic or recycling? Video from @EUEnvironment
Mapping London resources
Maps Mania: Climate Change Around the Globe
MapScholar - a free, online platform for geospatial visualization
Quantarctica - A free GIS package for research, education, and operation about Antarctica
Skills for the Digital Earth MOOC
Teacher? Help students assess sustainability of high school w/ 12 steps
The 100 Best maps of 2014
The History of Edinburgh Map
The roots of the "Place-based Education" movement
This game app lets you create run your own metro lines
Time-lapse photo shows streamflow measurement process
University of Oxford’s Global Poverty Map Journal explores the Multidimensional Poverty Index
Why/WhyNot videos on climate change
WorldView - create maps w/open source GIS. New geo-spatial software

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