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News From Europe

11 maps and charts to challenge your perceptions of Europe
Biodiversity strategy in Europe
Bus and train: new moves in the Alps-Adriatic region
EU leaders expected to ask environment ministers to assess what the Paris Agreement means for its climate targets
Europe in Review 2015 - Unwanted exodus
Europe in Review 2015: France has become epicentre of growing terrorist threat in Europe
Fight against climate change will be won or lost in cities where most Europeans live, work & use energy
Invitation: Innocence and War: Searching for Europe’s Strategy in Syria
Migration, refugees, Europe – waves of emotion
Refugee crisis grows in Greece as EU looks on
Still a chance for another Europe?

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Climate News

A corporate crash course on climate change
A hot Christmas Wraps Up 2015 as Hottest Year on Record
A milestone year? "The unprecedented climate events of 2015 should prompt even more action on the policy stage."
Antarctica's Ice Shelves Thin, Threaten Significant Sea Level Rise
BBC News - US makes climate pledge to UN
Climate Policy Info Hub
COP-OUT-21: Celebrating mediocrity in the Paris Agreement
COP21 ‘The world now has to prepare for the huge leap needed to implement this deal’
European mayors lead by example on climate change
EU leaders expected to ask environment ministers to assess what the Paris Agreement means for its climate targets
Global warming target is highly dangerous
How Paris Agreement will keep accelerating climate action into the future
Next generation climate influencers
Paris vs. Copenhagen: global majority now committed to climate action
Paris agreement shows we need a paradigm shift to tackl...
Paris Agreement: Turning Point for a Climate Solution
Paris Climate Agreement Changes Everything
Video: What needs to happen at COP21
We've got a 1.5 degree target, and a 3.5 degree plan. So, let's get to work
What are INDCs? They're the pledges that formed the basis for the COP21 Paris talks

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Hazards & Physical Stories

At least two dozen volcanoes erupted in 2015. These were the most notable:
China landslide sparks gas explosion and leaves dozens missing
Despite flooding 10,000 UK homes built on floodplains each year
Flash floods in North Korea
Groundwater records should not be kept confidential in drought-stricken California
Hurricanes Making History in 2015
International effort to map, monitor and understand Nepal landslides and geohazards
Italy’s supreme court clears L’Aquila earthquake scientists for good
Recent UK flood events NOT unprecedented as studies of long term records demonstrate.
Researchers map out trajectory of April 2015 earthquake in Nepal
Rock avalanche on Mount James Turner
Surge in climate change-related disasters poses growing threat to food security
Typhoon Melor threatened Philippines, 750,000 evacuated
UK floods: Storm Frank threatens more flooding
UK needs a Dutch-style Delta plan to stem the tide of floods
BBC News - Met office says 2016 'very likely' to be warmest on record
How are Antarctica's ice shelves changing?
Polar ice shelf thinning speeds up
Rainfall drives rapid melt and flow of the Greenland ice sheet
Research shows volume loss from Antarctic ice shelves is accelerating
Scientists dispute 'ice age' warnings
The North Pole will be warmer than Denver as mild air streams into Arctic
The Storm That Will Unfreeze the North Pole
We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, because all human life depends on it
Why we'll have to look underground to store water for the future

Environment News

Energy and nature in the Alps: a balancing act
Amazon Forest Becoming Less of a Climate Change Safety Net
Brazil dam toxic mud reaches Atlantic via Rio Doce estuary
Can rooftop gardens grow city’s vegetables?
Climate Deal Requires $16.5 Trillion Investment to Cut Pollution
Curbing emissions: The real work begins
Environmental science: Agree on biodiversity metrics to track from space
France, UK trying to weaken EU air pollution law
Growth, sustainability and denial
High-rise is warming the globe
How data visualization can help the environment
Illegal air pollution will blight many UK cities for at least five years
Mapping endangered wildlife species
Meeting climate goals: 4 things companies can do - 1) Price On Carbon
No breathing space in the Alpine regions
NOAA Global Summary Information – November 2015 Warmest on Record
Record high Arctic temperatures in 2015 having 'profound effects' on region
Richest 10% are causing climate change, study finds
Super tractors & bigger boots impacting soils in UK
The Fate of the World Changed in Paris—but by How Much?
The Mississippi River Delta is sinking. The $50 billion plan to save it.
The NASA view from far above: how the earth changed in 2015
There are some real reasons to be positive about the Paris Agreement:
Unearthing ecosystem services: what can we learn from soil DNA?
What's the geography behind smog?
World's lakes warming surprisingly quickly due to climate change - Canada in particular

Ocean Geography

Atlantic circulation weakens compared to last thousand years.
Climate change reduces coral reefs’ ability to protect coasts
Gifts from the Sea: This holiday season, explore 1000's of seafloor / coastline photos / videos
Ocean Networks: top 10 highlights of 2015
Plankton can dramatically affect our atmosphere, not just our oceans
Sea Around Us offers reconstructed catch allocations that have ecological and policy relevance with global fisheries
The ocean is contaminated by trillions more pieces of plastic than previously thought
The Only Sea in the World Without a Coast
Weaving a Tapestry of Hope for Ocean and Earth
Why are Chinese fishermen destroying coral reefs in the South China Sea?

Human & Economic Stories

'It has slowly eroded the place away': stories of gentrification – from London to LA
Berlin Development Plans in 3D
Blog: the Hidden Cost of Second-hand Clothing
CityLab explains (via geographers) Why Most Twitter Maps Can't Be Trusted
Data & the fourth industrial revolution in the making
How fast can we transition to a low-carbon energy system?
How urban sprawl makes driving less safe
London’s Empty Childhoods
Resilience revisited: taking institutional theory seriously
Revisiting Two Forces of Modern Urban Transformation
The majority of emissions from Chinese cities comes from industry – a unique problem
UK researchers are mapping viruses found in sewers
What is the most private city in the world? Will there be public spaces in future? Or will we all live behind walls?

Other Geo-News

China Cracks Down on Politcally Incorrect Maps
Free and open satellite data: private companies join in the game
Géographies d’Internet
GIS essential to policy making, Smart Policies Lead to Smart Nations
Open science: carrots and sticks
Organisations join the Paris Pledge Businesses, investors, cities, NGOs pledge to act on COP21
Progress on Obama GIS STEM education initiative
Researching the speed of publication of 18 GIS journals (publication delay) Levelling the detail


Arctic virtual special issue of multidisciplinary research: People, Politics, Resources, Environment
Development, Environment and Foresight (DEF Journal), free to download
European Countryside Journal
European Countryside Vol 7 N 2,
Field Guide to Data Science | free PDF download

Grants, Fellowships

Selected H2020 and Erasmus+ Calls

Current H2020 Calls

Open Calls

The Ove Arup Foundation invites applications for its smaller project grants. These support projects that are consistent with the education purposes of the foundation in the built environment. Previously funded projects include events, training programmes, workshops and institutional development initiatives. Funding is not available for individuals.

Global exploration fund for northern Europe research grants, National Geographic Society, US This supports hypothesis-based scientific research and is awarded based on potential for new advances in field sciences. The average award is 20,000 euros.

European Space Agency invites applications from European university students for sponsorship to attend a range of conferences

Sustainability project grants Grants are available in four different areas of focus; environment, empowerment, education and sustainable design. Programs or organizations applying for funding must serve communities where Alcoa has operating plants or offices. The minimum grant request is $15,000.

Call for proposals Lifelong Learning Programme - Erasmus +, submission on various dates depending on Action EDA: Earth observation and fuel dependencies - call for proposals

Europe for Citizens There are a range of different actions in this funding stream. Visit the following website for more information, including deadlines and dates:


CyberGIS Fellows program:

Grants for networking initiatives Irish Marine Institute These support short inward or outward visits aimed at fostering research collaboration and technology transfer, such as H2020 pre-application meetings or attendance at marine-related conferences and training courses overseas. Grants are worth up to 750 euros.

Grants for workshops and conferences Irish Marine Institute, IE These provide support for the organisation of national and international marine conferences and workshops in Ireland. Grants are worth up to 1,500 euros.

Teaching Resources

11 maps and charts to challenge your perceptions of Europe
100 outstanding interactive maps of 2015
Outstanding Interactive Maps 2015 list Part Two
2015: The Year in Maps Paer Two
A detailed map of the Pacific and Atlantic ocean floors
Behind the scenes: reaching cultural tourists via Google's field trip app:
Europe developed curriculum for spatial citizens
Make cartographically beautiful maps
Past climates of Africa An Esri StoryMaps map
Rock cycle poster!
Scenes of Reason: climate change video
The geography of the new Star Wars film: can your students find these places?
The global presence of @CocaCola on a storymap
Twelve Days of Story Map Tips

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